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Northern California Study Abroad Consortium

Northern California Study Abroad Consortium
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Barcelona, Spain

Fall 2019

Faculty Bios

Contra Costa Community College District: Anthony Gonzales

Anthony Gonzales holds a BA in English and Spanish (double major) from the University of New Mexico and an MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco. He has been teaching at Diablo Valley College since 2014. Between teaching at the high school level and teaching for outreach programs, tutoring, afterschool programs, and test prep, he has worked with students from kindergarten through four-year colleges and has over 10 years of experience teaching and 15 years of working with students.

Anthony has traveled to 20 countries—mostly as a student discovering new cultures and societies while earning college credit. He has seen first-hand the impact that travel can have on a student and individual, and is dedicated to bringing that experience to as many students as possible. He has been to Spain multiple times and brings knowledge of the language, culture, history, and customs of Spanish society.

Los Rios Community College District: Riad Bahhur

Riad Bahhur teaches History and Global Studies at Sacramento City College, where he also serves as Coordinator for the International Studies Program. Riad’s teaching style centers students by bringing history alive, making it relatable and meaningful to their lives in the present. He received his academic training at the Ohio State University and Georgetown University, majoring in History, International Relations, and Contemporary Arab Studies. He has taught courses including Social and Political Themes in Literature; Contemporary Arab Culture; History of the World; History of the Middle East and North Africa; and Global Food Issues. He has eaten his way through countries around the globe, like Paraguay, Egypt, and Singapore, and has visited Spain several times. Riad believes history is a collective memory of how all people created meaningful lives, viewed through the hints they left behind. Investigating those traces of human meaning in places where students are also investigating themselves and the new societies they encounter – while studying abroad – makes for an endeavor both exciting and profound. Lastly, if there is a way to tie delicious food into the lesson, he will!

San Mateo Community College District: Monica Malamud

Monica was born in Argentina and she studied “abroad” twice in the United States. After obtaining a Masters degree in Engineering and a second one in Computer Science, she started teaching Spanish while working towards her Ph.D. in Linguistics. However, her love for languages started at an early age, and she continues to study languages today. She is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese, she can manage reasonably well in French, Italian and German, she took one semester of Japanese and one of Mandarin, and she is currently studying Catalan and Hebrew. In addition to her academic interest in languages, she is passionate about them because she loves to travel and learn about peoples and cultures. She likes to immerse herself in the local culture and participate in traditions and celebrations when traveling. So far she has been to over 40 countries and she is an expert at traveling on a shoestring.

She was the SMCCCD faculty selected to teach abroad in Fall 2012, the first time the program went to Barcelona. From her participation in study abroad programs both as a student and as a teacher, she knows that a study abroad experience is a unique opportunity for learning and self-growth. In the courses she will be teaching in Barcelona, Spanish speakers will get to use their language on a daily basis and become fluent bilinguals, students at the intermediate level will improve their Spanish while watching and discussing Spanish movies specially selected to enhance the Life and Culture class experience, and all students will be able to put their detective skills to work when trying to decipher Spanish and Catalan, among other languages, in her Introduction to Linguistics course.

Santa Rosa Junior College: Kirsten Swinstrom

Kirsten Swinstrom fell in love with studying biology as a student at Santa Rosa Junior College. She later obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology at UC Santa Cruz followed by a Master's Degree in Marine Science and then a PhD in Biology from UC Berkeley. Her research interests and experience include animal behavior, genome sequencing, and population ecology.

Kirsten now teaches Marine Biology, Human Biology, General Biology, and Biology of Marine Mammals at Santa Rosa Junior College. Kirsten’s travels have taken her throughout the US, to Europe, Canada, Mexico and French Polynesia. She is very excited to explore the Mediterranean environment with you in Barcelona!