AIFS Partnership Programs: Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

Northern California Study Abroad Consortium

Northern California Study Abroad Consortium
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“They attend to everything... from the time we are greeted at the airport with individualized Orientation packets and apartment locations for both myself and the students, to our day of departure, not one detail is forgotten. The staff at AIFS were invaluable and I would never think of my experience in any other way.”

—Lynette Mooney,

Towson University


"Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity. This program was a good balance between studying and absorbing the culture."

Taylor Ramsey,

NCSAC Florence, Spring Semester

"I would go on any AIFS program if I had the chance. I liked all my classes, learned a lot about Italian life, culture and history and the entire staff was really helpful and nice."

Lena Kendall,

NCSAC Florence, Spring Semester

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Paris. Apart from being the most significant event in my life, it was a tremendous growth opportunity for me. My experience in Paris created a more independent and confident person that could not only tackle life's troubles, but do it in a foreign country. This semester abroad provided me with skills, friends and memories that will last my lifetime. The entirety of the experience from the excellent faculty to the AIFS staff were exceptional. I would recommend this experience to anyone with a desire to grow, learn and meet new friends."

Zachary Harrison,


"I have talked to other students who have studied abroad through their Universities and none of them have as much joy and happiness as I do at the mere sight of anything that reminds me of my semester abroad in Paris with AIFS, they were the happiest months of my life!"

Remy Moore,

Student, Paris