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“I cannot sufficiently compliment the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. They MADE this program work. It is absolutely a life changing experience for our students who tend to live at home during college. This is a safe way to experience living on their own while adapting to a new culture.”

—Eileen Walsh,


About AIFS Customized, Faculty Led Programs

AIFS Customized, Faculty Led Programs are a division of the American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS). AIFS was founded in 1964. Since then, over 1.6 million students have participated in our educational and cultural exchange programs. Over 6,000 American college students study abroad each year with the AIFS College Division—approximately 2,000 of these are on customized, faculty-led programs organized through the AIFS Customized, Faculty Led Programs Division.

AIFS Customized, Faculty Led Programs offer a unique study abroad experience. Your home institution teaches its own academic program abroad, using its own faculty, curriculum and style. AIFS Customized, Faculty Led works closely with your home institution to coordinate support arrangements leaving students and faculty free to enjoy their overseas experience without concern for the complex, time-consuming practical arrangements that a successful study abroad program demands.